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Bupropion is used for treating depression.

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Can i buy bupropion over the counter ? im in need of some sleep and bupropion helps i thought. anyone else? 12/12/09 Theres one place for those who want some sleep while on bupropion and its the pharmacy I'm at. They will give you 2 pills from 1 sachet, 30 to 90 minutes after taking one. Its not for you if haven't had a sleep test done yet. Only for those with a sleep study for whatever reason and are already at an effective dose. I take 5 mgs every single night till its gone. So I guess you could take one of those when you wake up every morning and have it available when you need it. could then go and take the rest of med at your usual dose. You would probably do best taking it early in the day since you can take it throughout the day. 12/22/09 I just tried a pill but i had to take alot of it get down it.. was very strange... Is it a sleep aid? 12/23/09 I don't really like this sleep aid and have trouble swallowing it. When i do swallow it, the flavor is off. If you take it from the front, tastes good. When i take the pill Fluconazole buy cheap from back, its not tasty. My favorite taste is the of pill, and i would not take that one for any reason. 12/26/09 I would give it a 4/5 for taste and 4 effect but not for effectiveness. It was still very good but i got to take a lot as well so that wasn't good for me either one. 11/13/09 My favorite flavor and effect are the first two flavors. one I really don't like at all is the dark colored one. It stank to high heaven. It's supposed taste like the dark green pills are mixed with the purple flavors, but instead it stinks like a candy bar. Very unpleasant. If you want some of the best tasting sleeping pills it is probably the purple one. I found it by accident! was looking for a pill and got purple one because the brown ones made me too sleepy to stand. I bought the purple one thinking I can use it throughout the day but I'm not so sure. I would try it but have no idea about it's effectiveness and no way to know if I'm being realistic. And it's not a bad price either. 10/31/09 I'm confused... It stinks funny but i like it. really do. It's supposed to be a light purple and it looks like a light purple. I can't even get my pants off and i'm not in a bad mood. It's so weird. supposed to be a light purple. That's why they said don't use more than 2 pills and even one is better. I'd say it's a 4/5 for taste and an 8/10 effect. If i could add one, it would be to the effect. black and white one was so dull that I found it pretty useless as well. I didn't notice it on its own and didn't smell bad. If you really want to get this one, I'd recommend the purple one. 8/13/09 I just took a purple one and I couldn't even stand it to put in my mouth. I don't like it at all and I'd throw it away because tasted bad. didn't give me a good effect either. 10/13/09 This is by far my favorite of all the drug prices canada vs us purple pills that i've ever heard of. It's not a bad flavor, but I would have preferred the white one from website. It still tasted like a candy bar and as bad the purple one. I had to take 3 pills feel better. 9/2/09 You must have a sick imagination to think this sleeping pill will give you a good nights sleep. 9/13/09 I like the purple in it. It's one of the best looking pill's on website, along with the black and white. It's a nice little pill that will do well on a busy and Fluconazol online kopen early morning schedule, but it does not feel very good to me at all during the day. I'm sure that purple pill would also work well on the morning and afternoon, where it would provide less of an.

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